Scientific Meetings

IAPSO Scientific Assemblies

IAPSO holds a scientific assembly every two years. Every four years they coincide with the General Assemblies of IUGG.

Year Place Title
2023 Berlin, Germany IUGG XXVIII General Assembly, Together Again for Geosciences
2021 online Virtual Atmosphere-Cryosphere-Ocean seminar series (VACO-21)
2019 Montreal, Canada IUGG XXVII General Assembly Beyond 100: The next century in Earth and Space Science
2017 Cape Town, South Africa IAPSO/IAMAS/IAGA Joint Assembly, Good Hope for earth Sciences
2015 Prague, Czech Republic IUGG XXVI General Assembly, Earth and Environmental Sciences for Future Generation
2013 Gothenburg, Sweden IAHS/IAPSO/IASPEI Joint Assembly, Knowledge for the Future
2011 Melbourne, Australia XXV General Assembly of IUGG, Earth on the Edge: Science for a Sustainable Planet
2009 Montreal, Canada MOCA-09 IAMAS/IAPSO/IACS Joint Assembly, Our Warming Planet
2007 Perugia, Italy XXIV General Assembly of IUGG, Earth: Our Changing Planet
2005 Cairns, Australia IAG/IAPSO/IABO Joint Assembly, Monitoring and Understanding a Dynamic Planet with Geodetic and Oceanographic Tools
2003 Sapporo, Japan XXIII General Assembly of IUGG
2001 Mar del Plata, Argentina IAPSO/IABO Joint Assembly
1999 Birmingham, UK XXII General Assembly of IUGG
1997 Melbourne, Australia IAMAS/IAPSO Joint Assembly
1995 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA XXI General Assembly of IAPSO
1991 Vienna, Austria XX General Assembly of IAPSO/IUGG
1987 Vancouver, Canada XIX General Assembly of IAPSO/IUGG
1983 Hamburg, Germany XVIII General Assembly of IAPSO/IUGG
1979 Canberra, Australia XVII General Assembly of IAPSO/IUGG
1975 Grenoble, France XVI General Assembly of IAPSO/IUGG
1974 Melbourne, Australia IAPSO First Special Assembly
1971 Moscow, USSR IAPSO Meetings during the XV General Assembly of IUGG
1970 Tokyo, Japan XV General Assembly of IAPSO    ABSTRACTS: Invited papers & Contributed papers
1967 Bern, Switzerland XIV General Assembly of IAPSO
1963 Berkeley, USA XIII General Assembly of IAPO/IUGG
1960 Helsinki, Finland XII General Assembly of IAPO/IUGG
1957 Toronto, Canada XI General Assembly of IAPO/IUGG
1954 Rome, Italy X General Assembly of IAPO/IUGG
1951 Brussels, Belgium IX General Assembly of IAPO/IUGG
1948 Oslo, Norway VIII General Assembly of IAPO/IUGG
1939 Washington, USA VII General Assembly of APO/IUGG
1936 Edinburgh, Great Britain VI General Assembly of APO/IUGG
1933 Lisbon, Portugal V General Assembly of APO/IUGG
1930 Stockholm, Sweden IV General Assembly of IUGG
1927 Prague, Czechoslovakia III General Assembly of IUGG
1924 Madrid, Spain II General Assembly of IUGG
1922 Rome, Italy I General Assembly of IUGG


Other Scientific Meetings co-sponsored by IAPSO

Year Place Title
2022 Menorca, Spain 2nd World Conference on Meteotsunamis
2020 Paris, France Workshop on Sea Level Data Archaeology
2018 Buenos Aires, Argentina X Jornadas Nacionales de Ciencias del Mar
2018 Baku, Azerbaijan Understanding the problems of inland waters: case study for the Caspian Basin
2018 Jakarta, Indonesia Second IndOOS Review Workshop
2017 Venice, Italy THEMES 2017 - Physics and biogeochemistry of marine environments: multiscale analysis of past and present variability
2017 Trieste, Italy Past Antarctic Ice Sheet Dynamics (PAIS) Conference
2017 Perth, Australia IndOOS Review Workshop
2016 Brest, France A connected ocean: new approaches, new technologies, new challenges for knowledge of ocean processes (ACO2016)
2016 Liège, Belgium 48th International Liège Colloquium on Ocean Dynamics
2016 Lerici, Italy Workshop on Arctic Subarctic Ocean Flux Study
2008 Cape Town, South Africa SCOR/IAPSO Workshop on Deep Ocean Exchange with the Shelf (DOES)
2004 Victoria, B.C., Canada IAPSO/SCOR Ocean Mixing Conference
2004 Cape Town, South Africa International Workshop on Forecasting and Data Assimilation in the Benguela and Comparable Systems



To promote the study of the oceans and the interactions that take place at its boundaries with the sea floor, coastal environment and atmosphere, through the use of physics, chemistry, mathematics and biogeochemisty.


IAPSO gives importance to involving scientists and students from developing countries in oceanographic activities.


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