Joint SCOR/IAPSO Working Groups

SCOR is an organization that promotes science that comes from the "bottom up" from the ocean science community and working groups are an important vehicle to bring attention to the important ocean science issues identified by the global community of ocean scientists.

SCOR approves new working groups each year at its annual meeting. The number of proposals funded each year depends on both the results of the proposal review process and the availability of funding. In recent years, 1-3 proposals have been funded in any given year.

The timing of the proposal process depends on the timing of the annual meeting, so it is best to check the SCOR Web site and announcements from the SCOR Secretariat about the schedule in any given year.

The call for working group proposals in usually made in late January or early February each year. The call is distributed through the SCOR email list and the SCOR Newsletter. Anyone in the global ocean science community is eligible to submit a proposal and there is no limitation to individuals from nations that pay dues to SCOR.

Read more on Submitting a Proposal for a SCOR Working Group.

IAPSO co-sponsored several SCOR Working Groups in the past:

ad hoc IUGG/IAPSO/SCOR working group of experts on Future of the Ocean and its Seas (2015-2016)

Established in November 2015 by IUGG, IAPSO and SCOR to prepare a response to the marine science issues raised by the G7 Science Ministers in the communiqué arising from their meeting in October 2015.

Co-Chairs: Phillip Williamson (UK), Denise Smythe-Wright (UK), and Peter Burkill (UK)


SCOR/WCRP/IAPSO Working Group 136 Climatic Importance of the Greater Agulhas System (2009-2012)

Co-chairs: Lisa Beal (USA) and Arne Biastoch (Germany)



  1. WG Proposal
  2. 2010-2011 Annual Report

SCOR/IAPSO Working Group 133 OceanScope (2008-2011)

Co-Chairs: Tom Rossby (USA) and Kuh Kim (Korea)



  1. WG Proposal
  2. Final Report

SCOR/IAPSO Working Group 129 on Deep Ocean Exchange with the Shelf (DOES) (2006-2008)

Chair:John Johnson (UK)
Vice-Chair: Piers Chapman (USA)



  1. Report on Workshop in Cape Town 5 - 9 October 2008
  2. WG 129 report 2011
  3. Preface WG 129 Special Issue in Ocean Science

SCOR/IAPSO Working Group 127 on Thermodynamics and Equation of State of Seawater (2005-2009)

Chair: Trevor McDougall (Australia)


Project Website:


  1. 2004 Conference Summary Report
  2. WG127 report 2011
  3. Information about TEOS 10
  4. TEOS 10 manual

SCOR/LOICZ/IAPSO Working Group 122 on Mechanisms of Sediment retention in Estuaries (2003-2005)

Co-Chairs: Gerardo Perillo (Argentina) and James Syvitski (USA)


IAPSO/SCOR Joint Working Group 121 on Ocean Mixing (2002-2004)

Chair: Robin D. Muench (USA)




To promote the study of the oceans and the interactions that take place at its boundaries with the sea floor, coastal environment and atmosphere, through the use of physics, chemistry, mathematics and biogeochemisty.


IAPSO gives importance to involving scientists and students from developing countries in oceanographic activities.


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