2001 IAPSO/IABO Joint Assembly

2001 IAPSO/IABO Joint Assembly

Scientific Program

Oral and Poster Schedule:

Opening Ceremony, Sunday October 21, 2001 1800 hr
The Ocean Circulation: the Last 50 years and the next 50 years. Is the end in sight?
Carl Wunsch, Massachussetts Institute of Technology

Symposium GI01 :
Gravity, geodesy and the ocean circulation from altimetry

Convenors: F. Sanso, V. Zlotnicki and P. Malanotte-Rizzoli

Symposium IA01 :
Representation of ocean processes in models

Convenors: C. Böening and R.W. Schnitt
Symposium IA02 :
Arctic and subpolar seas and links to the thermohaline circulation: past, present and future

Convenors: L. Mysak, H.A. Bauch
Symposium IA03:
Interhemispheric water exchange in the Atlantic Ocean

Convenors: G.J. Goñi, P. Richardson, P. Malanotte-Rizzoli
Symposium IA04 :
Sea Ice and Biology

Convenors: P. Wadhams and L. Legendre
Symposium IB01:
Regional Estuarine and Coastal Systems of the Americas

Convenors: B.J. Kjerfve, G.M.E. Perillo, M.C. Piccolo and B. Knoppers
Symposium IB02 :
Marginal and Semi-Enclosed Seas
Convenors: C. Mooers, J. Johnson, A. Ostrovskii and R. Bastida
Symposium IB03 :
Census of Marine Life
Convenors: J.F. Grassle and Y.Shirayama
Symposium IB04 :
Impacts on Sandy Beaches
Convenors: F.I. Isla
Symposium IB05 :
Mesoscale and Smaller Scale Variability and Related Biological Processes
Convenors: E. Morosov and P. Tett
Symposium IC01 :
Decadal Variability and Predictability
Convenors: A.J. Busalacchi and J.W. Hurrell
Symposium IC02 :
Role of Ocean on Climate Variability over South America
Convenors: R. Mechoso and E. Campos
Symposium IG01 :
Ecosystem Dynamics: Integrating Biology and Physics
Convenors: R. Sanchez and N. Pinardi
Symposium IJ01 :
The Join Global Ocean Flux Study
Convenors: H. Ducklow and K. Lochte
Symposium IM01 :
Ocean/Atmosphere Biogeochemical Coupling
Convenors: R. Duce and P. Liss
In honor of Prof. Roger Chesselet
Symposium IW01 :
South Atlantic Links with the Indian and Pacific Oceans
Convenors: A.L. Gordon and J.R.E. Lutjehams
Symposium IW02 :
South Pacific Circulation and Links with the Indian and Southern Oceans
Convenors: L. Talley and S. Wijfels
Symposium WS01 :
Isotopes as Tracers in Marine Environmental Studies
Convenor: P. Provinec
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To promote the study of the oceans and the interactions that take place at its boundaries with the sea floor, coastal environment and atmosphere, through the use of physics, chemistry, mathematics and biogeochemisty.


IAPSO gives importance to involving scientists and students from developing countries in oceanographic activities.


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