1999 IAPSO Activities

During 1999, the principal activity of the International Association for the Physical Sciences of the Oceans (IAPSO) was participation in the IUGG General Assembly in Birmingham, UK, reported in detail on the IAPSO Web page. The portions of the abstract books related to IAPSO led symposia and joint symposia, and joint symposia led by other Associations in which IAPSO participated, are now posted on the IAPSO Web page (1999 IUGG General Assembly). In conjunction with the General Assembly, IAPSO held two meetings of its Executive Committee and one plenary business meeting with national delegates at which new IAPSO officers were elected.

Three IAPSO Commissions met at Birmingham, the Commission on Sea Ice; the Commission on Mean Sea Level and Tides; and the Commission on Cooperation with Developing Countries. The Tsunami Commission, jointly sponsored with IASPEI and IAVCEI, also met in Birmingham. The Executive Committee voted in favor of disestablishing the IAPSO Commission on Natural Marine Hazards and supporting an Inter-Association Commission on Natural Hazards in its place. The Executive Committee also was in favor of supporting several other new Inter-Association Commissions.

Activities of the Permanent Service on Mean Sea Level (sponsored by IAPSO), and IAPSO's Standard Sea Water Service (operated by Ocean Scientific International) continued in 1999.

Plans continued for a Joint IAPSO/IABO Assembly in Mar del Plata Argentina in October 2001. A Program Committee was established to prepare the final technical program for that Assembly and to obtain convenors and co-convenors. IAPSO has joined with IAG to support a week-long workshop in Brazil in 2000, with a follow-up workshop proposed in conjunction with the 2001 Assembly in Argentina. Discussions were also initiated in regard to the site for an Assembly in 2005.

The IAPSO Secretariat continues to respond to various inquiries for information.

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