Australian Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science | 2022 to Prof Trevor McDougall

Professor Trevor McDougall AC (UNSW) and President of IAPSO has received the Prime Minister’s Prize for Science.

He was recognised for his transformative impact in the study of oceanography and ocean thermodynamics, and in furthering our understanding of the role of the ocean in regulating the Earth’s climate. Professor McDougall’s work to redefine the definition of thermodynamic seawater has been adopted by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission as the new international standard. His work has improved the modelling of the effects of climate change and has led to the development of entirely new research areas which will shape our knowledge for the future of life on our planet.





To promote the study of the oceans and the interactions that take place at its boundaries with the sea floor, coastal environment and atmosphere, through the use of physics, chemistry, mathematics and biogeochemisty.


IAPSO gives importance to involving scientists and students from developing countries in oceanographic activities.


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