1998 IAPSO Activities

Principle activities of IAPSO during 1998 have been the continued planning of IAPSO led symposia for the IUGG General Assembly in Birmingham, England, in July 1999, and a proposed Joint IAPSO/IABO Assembly in Mar del Plata Argentina in 2001. The Second and Third Circulars for IUGG99 were issued by the Local Organizing Committee, and the IAPSO symposia were also listed on the IAPSO Web page as well as the IUGG99 Web page. In addition, individual symposia convenors have been soliciting abstracts. Abstracts are now being submitted. Some additional groups decided to meet in conjunction with the IUGG99 General Assembly. In particular, Symposium P15, Optical Oceanography & UV Radiation, is co-sponsored by IOP and EOS. The SCOR/LOICZ Working Group 112 informed IAPSO of their intention to meet in conjunction with IUGG99.

Argentine representatives of IAPSO and IABO made an initial site visit to look at possible facilities for the venue of the proposed 2001 Joint Assembly. Some potential co-sponsors were contacted, including the Latin American Organization of Marine Sciences Researchers, and IAPSO is awaiting their decisions.

IAPSO Commissions have remained active. The IAPSO Commission on Sea Ice has issued a publication, "Physics of Ice-Covered Seas," published in cooperation with the University of Helsinki. It is available for sale from the University.

IAPSO conducted a mail ballot to revise Statutes and By-Laws related to elections, and the revisions were posted on the IAPSO Web page after approval. In conjunction with this, IAPSO has been updating the listing of National Correspondents (available on the IAPSO Web page), and soliciting nominatins for National Correspondents from those Member Countries where they are lacking. Nominations were solicited for positions on the Executive Committee which will be filled by the upcoming election in 1999.

The IAPSO Secretariat continues to provide responses to general inquiries, and to maintain and update the IAPSO Web page.

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