2003 IAPSO Activities

The main activity of IAPSO in 2003 was participation in the IUGG General Assembly in Sapporo, Japan. IAPSO convened 6 IAPSO only symposia, and 11 joint symposia. The abstract books for these symposia have been posted on the IAPSO Web page (2003 IUGG General Assembly). IAPSO also participated in various symposia led by other Associations, and in Union symposia. Dr. Klaus Wyrtki was presented the Prince Albert I Medal for his contributions to physical oceanography, and the past medalist, Dr. Walter Munk, delivered the Prince Albert I Lecture. The Eugene Lafond medal for the best paper from a developing country was presented to Margarita V. Chikina of Russia.

IAPSO held two Executive Committee meetings in Sapporo and one general business meeting. In addition, Commissions and Working Groups held separate meetings. Elections were held for the new IAPSO Executive Committee, various reports were presented, and planning was initiated for future activities. Because of the decision to hold the next IUGG General Assembly in Perugia, Italy, in 2007, IAPSO changed the location for its 2005 Assembly (previously tentatively planned for Italy) and agreed to join IAG in Cairns Australia in August 2005.

Initial scientific program planning was coordinated with the International Association for Biological Oceanography (IABO) for symposia to be held in Cairns. A number of joint IAG/IAPSO symposia were also agreed upon for the Cairns joint assembly. The IAPSO/SCOR Joint Working Group on Ocean Mixing initiated planning for a Symposium on Ocean Mixing to be held on 11-15 October 2004. Work also was initiated for an IAPSO sponsored workshop, the International Workshop on Forecasting and Data Assimilation in the Benguela and Comparable Systems to be held in Cape Town, South Africa, on 8-11 November 2004. IAPSO agreed to co-sponsor a symposium at the COSPAR meeting to be held in 2004.

Acitivities continued for Working Groups and Commissions during 2003. A decision was made to discontinue the IAPSO Commission for Cooperation with Developing Countries as there was a general opinion expressed that the IAPSO Executive Committee is performing this function.

The Past President of IAPSO initiated a free "membership" in IAPSO for interested oceanographers, with a periodic electronic newsletter to those individuals. Material related to IAPSO was made available at the AGU Fall meeting in December 2003. Action was also initiated to create an IAPSO poster, and to have information available at the AGU Ocean Sciences meeting in January 2004 (which IAPSO agreed to co-sponsor). Planning activities have continued on the future of IAPSO. A draft working document was distributed to IAPSO National Correspondents during 2003.

The IAPSO Secretariat continued updates to the IAPSO Web page, and answered general correspondence.



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