No. 18 - 2015-03-06 : IAPSO call for nominations 2015-2019, reminder

No. 18 - 2015-03-06 : IAPSO call for nominations 2015-2019, reminder
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By Johan Rodhe, IAPSO Secretary General

19 November 2014  and 6 March 2015


Dear IAPSO National Correspondent, We still need one or two (more are of course welcome) nominations for members at large positions of the IAPSO Executive Committee, se below.Johan Rodhe


Call for nominations for IAPSO Executive Committee, 2015-2019

Dear IAPSO National Correspondent,

At the 26th IUGG General Assembly in Prague, 22 June - 2 July, 2015, a new IAPSO Executive Committee (EC) will be elected.

IAPSO Members (National Committees, National Correspondents, or equivalent) are invited to nominate active physical and chemical oceanographers for the next EC.

The present and past members of the EC are given below.

Please note the following:

1.  The present President will become the Past President of the EC.

2.  The present Secretary General (SG) and Treasurer have each served two four-year terms and wish to retire.  Thus these two positions are open.  Normally current members of the EC of IAPSO are elected to these positions.  In addition, nominations are invited for the President, one Vice President and three EC Members.

3.  All members of the EC are elected for one term of four years and, with the exception of the President, may be re-elected for the same position for a second term of four years.  In particular the latter applies to one present Vice President and three present EC Members.

4.  Nominations must be sent to the SG not later than three months before the 2015 IAPSO Business Meeting in Prague, i.e., not later than 20 March, 2015.

5.  Each nomination letter must be accompanied by a short (2-3 page) CV.

6.  The nominations received will be scrutinized by the IAPSO Nominations Committee chaired by the present Past President.

More information about the elections procedure, etc., can be found in the IAPSO Statutes and By-Laws.  See

We enthusiastically welcome your nominations.

Best wishes, and I hope to see you in Prague.

Present EC members, 2011-2015:

President:  Eugene Morozov, Russia
Secretary General:  Johan Rodhe, Sweden
Past President:  Lawrence Mysak, Canada
Vice-President:  Denise Smythe-Wright, UK
Vice-President:   Isabelle Ansorge, South Africa
Treasurer:  Fred Camfield, USA

EC Members (6):
Silvia Blanc, Argentina
Toshiyuki Hibiya, Japan
Chris Meinen, USA
Ken Ridgway, Australia
Satheesh Shenoi, India
Stefania Sparnocchia, Italy

Executive Committee, 2007-2011:

President:  Lawrence Mysak, Canada
Secretary General: Johan Rodhe, Sweden
Past President:  Shiro Imawaki, Japan
Vice President:  Denise Smythe-Wright, UK
Vice President:  Eugene Morozov, Russia
Treasurer:  Fred Camfield, USA

EC Members (6):
W. John Gould, UK
John Middleton, Australia
Isabelle Ansorge, South Africa
Stefania Sparnoccia, Italy
Silvia Blanc, Argentina
Temel Oguz, Turkey



Johan Rodhe
Secretary General
The International Association for the Physical Sciences of the Oceans, IAPSO

Department of Earth Sciences
Univ. of Gothenburg
Box 460
SE-405 30 Göteborg



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