No. 40 - 2021-09-09: News from IAPSO

No. 40 - 2021-09-09: News from IAPSO
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OPEN LETTER TO NC AND EC and other IAPSO Scientists

By Stefania Sparnocchia, IAPSO Secretary General
9 September 2021


Open Letter

  1. Virtual Atmosphere-Cryosphere-Ocean seminar series (VACO-21), 19-23 July 2021 – Report
  2. IAPSO Best Practice Study Groups – Call for proposals
  3. IUGG – Symposia Support 2022
  4. Announcements of meetings
  5. Contacting IAPSO

1. Virtual Atmosphere-Cryosphere-Ocean seminar series (VACO-21), 19-23 July 2021 – Report

VACO-21 replaced our postponed joint assembly with IAMAS and IACS in Busan (South Korea). The program was organized in 5 days from Monday 19 July to Friday 23 July. Over the week, 187 individuals joined the audience. Although the event is now over, recordings of the excellent presentations are available here.

IAPSO contributed with the talks of 4 invited speakers. Direct links are available below.

Paolo Cipollini

Essential Climate Variables over Oceans and Ice: a View from Space

Joellen Russell

Designing the Required Southern Ocean Observing System for Predicting Climate Change: Robot Floats, Satellites and Supercomputers

Jenny Mecking

Predicting the 2015 North Atlantic Cold Blob 

Matthew England

Global ocean-atmosphere climate teleconnections 

One day was dedicated to the presentations of the Early Career Scientist Awardees, which for IAPSO concerned the two ECS medal winners

Thomas Wahl

Bigger ships or less flooding? How tidal changes affect flooding along the U.S. coast 

Jessica Fitzsimmons

Micronutrient trace metal dynamics in the Arctic Ocean 

During the same week, IAPSO awarded the Albert I Medal for 2021 to Prof. Carl Wunsch, who presented the Albert I Memorial Lecture entitled "Physical Oceanography 1970 and Onwards: Through Outstanding PhD Theses". The Award Ceremony is available here.

The IAPSO Early Career Network offered a session focused on different career paths and challenges that early career scientists may face. It started with a brief introduction from the chairs of the IAPSO ECS working group, Alejandra Sanchez-Franks and Malin Ă–dalen, followed by the keynote speakers, Julia Gottschalk and Katelin Childers.

Drs. Gottschalk and Childers both have PhDs in marine science but have followed different career paths in academia and industry, respectively. They shared their career stories, talked about obstacles and choices they have faced, and shared advice many useful pieces of advice. Links for these talks can be found on the IAPSO ECS website here.

2. IAPSO Best Practice Study Groups – Call for proposals

IAPSO is inviting applications for Best Practice Study Groups in the period 2022-2023. Each group will receive up to US$12,000 towards the costs of a meeting. Proposals should reach the IAPSO Secretary General via email by 15 November 2021. The proposers of Best Practice Study Group proposals will be notified by 31 December 2021 of the success or otherwise of their proposals.

IAPSO is seeking to support two IAPSO Best Practice Study Groups in the 2022-2023 period. Each IAPSO Best Practice Study Group should arrange a meeting of several days' duration where consensus should be sought regarding the pros and cons of different techniques. Ideally, this consensus will result in a short technical guideline that will assist oceanographic researchers in making the best choices to, for example, analyse their data.

IAPSO recommends the successful groups make use of the repository of the IOC Ocean Best Practices System to survey existing documentation and experts related to the BP topic. We expect that the final documentation created by the group will be made accessible via the IOC Ocean Best Practices System and undergo the GOOS endorsement process.

Read more here.

3. IUGG – Symposia Support 2022

The IUGG support for scientific meetings (e.g. workshops, advanced schools, symposia) is one of the most important means by which the Union and its Associations pursue a goal of promoting geophysics and geodesy through international collaboration. A portion of the IUGG budget is devoted to the support of these scientific meetings. The IUGG Executive Committee places great emphasis on maintaining high scientific standards, coverage of a balanced spectrum of topics, and an appropriately broad and international flavour for the scientific programme of the meetings. In that respect, the ISC rules on non-discrimination in the access of qualified scientists from all parts of the world to any IUGG-sponsored meeting apply.

The number of co-sponsored meetings ranges from 10 to 15 (up to USD 2,000 each). Accordingly, not all meeting proposals worthy of support can be awarded IUGG sponsorship. The following guidelines for obtaining IUGG sponsorship should be observed by prospective proposers:

  • IUGG-sponsored scientific meetings should have a well-defined and scientifically relevant theme, should be scheduled at a propitious time for significant progress in the field, and should be of interest to young researchers as well as senior experts.
  • While the IUGG embraces all fields in geophysics and geodesy, a proposed programme should maintain a balanced scope relevant to IUGG Associations. Each proposal will be judged on its own scientific merits.
  • Given the international nature of the Union, meetings are by definition internationally oriented. This requires a well-balanced geographical distribution of participants.

Normally, the initiative to propose a scientific meeting for IUGG sponsorship originates from a group of scientists in a certain field. Prospective meeting organisers should contact the respective Association Secretary General (ASG) well in advance of their intended proposal submission, and then send their request for IUGG support to the ASG by 15 October 2021.

The request for support must specify all entries listed below:

  • Name of meeting, venue and dates
  • Primary sponsors and other known co-sponsors
  • Name and address of the Chair of the Local Organizing Committee
  • The meeting website
  • Scientific objective and scope of the meeting
  • Estimated number of participants, abstracts, and sessions
  • Level of support requested (in US$) and explanation of how the money will be used
  • Additional information as appropriate

The scientific merit of each scientific meeting's proposal will be evaluated by the respective ASG, taking into consideration comments and advice received from the Association Executive Committee. The ASGs should communicate their recommendation for selection to the IUGG Secretariat by 31 October 2021.

The tentative allocations will be made by the IUGG Secretary General and then reviewed by the Members of the IUGG Bureau to assure impartiality. The Bureau will decide on the final selection of the meetings to be supported. Their decision will be communicated to the ASGs by the IUGG Secretary General in a letter of award not later than 1 December 2021. The IUGG support should be acknowledged in all documents related to a sponsored meeting (e.g. in the scientific programme, on the website, brochures, publications of proceedings, etc.)

More information is available here.

4. Announcement of meetings

  • An Ocean of Values, The 5th Community Workshop of the IOC-UNESCO Ocean Best Practices System, will be held online from 20 to 24 September 2021. To understand, share, and co-develop ocean practices across communities and value systems, contributions are encouraged from the whole ocean community, including artists, teachers, students, researchers, policy makers, fishers, sportspeople, and anyone else that would like to share and improve practices around the things they value. Pre-registration is open.
  • The Second World Conference on Meteotsunamis will be held in Menorca, Spain, on 18-20 May 2022. All information, including submission of abstracts and registration, may be found at the conference web pages. Three years after the beacon event of the First World Conference on Meteotsunamis, this conference will collect the best of the meteotsunami science, so we would like to invite you to be a part of this successful story.
  • The IUGG General Assembly 2023 will be held from 11 to 20 July 2023 at the CityCube in Berlin, Germany. This General Assembly is a special opportunity for participants from around the world to come together and discuss the full range of geodetic and geophysical themes, and further enhance the important interdisciplinary collaboration for a better understanding of our Earth System. IUGG2023 will provide a platform for personal meetings, exchange of ideas and developing new concepts for international science collaboration, all of which have suffered a setback during this pandemic crisis. IUGG2023 will help to create a new spirit to address pressing large societal challenges such as global environmental change and natural hazards and to stimulate novel geoscience research. Read more here. 

5. Contacting IAPSO

The Secretary-General is the main point of contact for all matters concerning IAPSO.

Dr. Stefania Sparnocchia
CNR - Istituto di Scienze Marine
Area Science Park - Basovizza - Edificio Q2
Strada Statale 14 - Km. 163.5
I-34149 Trieste, Italy


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