No. 37 - 2021-03-24: ECS Medalists 2021, Virtual seminar series and other information from IAPSO

No. 37 - 2021-03-24: ECS Medalists 2021, Virtual seminar series and other information from IAPSO
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OPEN LETTER TO NC AND EC and other IAPSO Scientists

By Stefania Sparnocchia, IAPSO Secretary General
24 March 2021


 Open Letter

1. Early Career Scientist Medallists 2021
2. Virtual Atmosphere-Cryosphere-Ocean seminar series (VACO-21), 19-23 July 2021
3. Report of the activities of IAPSO in 2020
4. Contacting IAPSO

1. Early Career Scientist Medallists 2021

The IAPSO Early Career Scientist Medal honours Early Career Scientists for their outstanding research in the physical or chemical sciences of the oceans, and for their cooperation in international research.

The committee on awarding IAPSO Early Career Scientist (ECS) medals 2021 has received excellent nominations for the disciplines Physics and Chemistry. After careful consideration the following awardees are selected:

Thomas WahlThe 2021 IAPSO ECS medallist in Physics is Dr. Thomas Wahl (University of Central Florida, USA), for his fundamental contributions to the research on changes in mean sea level, tides, storm surges, waves, and their interactions.

Dr. Wahl's research has had a high impact with significant involvement in practical outcomes, and with immediate relevance to humankind. He has also written key publications in an accessible manner to multi-disciplinary audiences.

Jessica Fitzsimmons 2

The 2021 IAPSO ECS medallist in Chemistry is Dr. Jessica Fitzsimmons (Texas A&M University, USA), for her contributions to advances in the analysis, distribution and cycling of trace elements in the oceans, particularly iron.

Dr. Fitzsimmons has a strong publication record, and she has made an important impact on the community studying trace metals in the ocean. In addition, she has extensive editorial experience and has frequently led seagoing research expeditions.

Congratulations to Jessica and Thomas!

Given the cancellation of the General Assembly in 2021, the 2021 Medals will be presented to Awardees in person during the IUGG General Assembly, Berlin, July 2023.

The Awardees will make a presentation of their work during the ECS session of the Virtual Atmosphere-Cryosphere-Ocean seminar series scheduled for 21 July 2021.

2. Virtual Atmosphere-Cryosphere-Ocean seminar series (VACO-21), 19-23 July 2021

To replace our postponed joint assembly, IAMAS, IACS and IAPSO are delighted to host an international online seminar series.
See for the programme and updates.

Registration is free but must be done at this link: 

Go directly to the "Register" button and fill out the form. You should receive a confirmation email after registering and a link to the seminars by email in early July.

The seminars will be hosted on MS Teams Live. It is not necessary to download the Eventbrite or Teams apps to attend the seminars.

If you have problems with registration, please contact

For any other question do not hesitate to contact

3. Report of the activities of IAPSO in 2020

The Report of IAPSO activities in 2020 is available at this link:

4. Contacting IAPSO

The Secretary-General is the main point of contact for all matters concerning IAPSO.

Dr. Stefania Sparnocchia
CNR - Istituto di Scienze Marine
Area Science Park - Basovizza - Edificio Q2
Strada Statale 14 - Km. 163.5
I-34149 Trieste, Italy


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